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The G.E.M Mentorship

The G.E.M Mentorship founded in 2019 by Valerie Boyd is a program designed to empower women to build a greater quality of life in Wellness, Lifestyle, and Career. The program offers two 90 day memberships, consisting of six empowerment sessions that will provide strategies and tools to increase confidence, support emotional & mental health, combat depression, discover passions, and achieve better quality of life. In 2019 the program produced its first women's gathering entitled "The G.E.M Experience" a brunch empowering over 100 women to discover the "G.E.M" inside of each of them. In 2020 the program will continue to produce workshops, events and conferences that will continue to help women build a better quality of life.  

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Register today: 

1: Make Payment: Cashapp: $Valsings220 , PayPal:

2: Put first and last name in memo 

3. Email: with screenshot of payment and you will receive Zoom Info

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